Copyright 2006, Tilly Greene
Published by Whiskey Creek Press LLC

Reviews For COME SWEET CREATURE by Tilly Greene

Come, Sweet Creature flowed smoothly and kept my interest…I would recommend this story as a good first book to anyone intrigued by the idea of the BDSM genre. It has a great love story that will appeal to anyone that enjoys romance.

Chilly McIntyre, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

The love scenes are hot and readers will find themselves running for the ice. Tilly Greene has penned a unique story that readers will love and I can’t wait to see what her next book will bring.

Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

"This crafty twist on the tale of the Spider and the Fly is entertaining and amusing. When Jena and Tilton come together, their passion explodes like TNT. Make sure to wear protective gear or you will also be caught in the explosion. Ms. Greene has written a wonderful story that you will thoroughly enjoy reading."

Candy Cay Rating: 4 cups
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

"Tilly Greene has crafted a sizzling hot and entertaining tale about two characters that are meant to be together. Spider may be a player, but he has worked hard to get where he’s at. He is very much attracted to Jena and would like to bring her into his private playroom. Jena is a very proper, intelligent and honest woman who keeps her playtime private. She may be prim and proper at work, but she is a submissive in the bedroom. I quite enjoyed how Spider discovers that Jena is into the BDSM scene. I don’t want to give too much away, but reading that part was such a turn on for me. Oh, baby, bring out the toys! Although I’m still a novice to this genre, I find that the BDSM scenes were tastefully done. Jena trusts Spider to fulfill her sexual needs and not to exceed her body’s limitation while Spider has finally found his perfect woman who satisfies him intellectually and sexually. I enjoyed the dark atmosphere of the story; I found that it enhances the dominate and submissive roles that these two characters portrayed. Ms. Greene’s descriptive environment gave this story a realistic feel. The secondary characters were either nameless or just in the background, and added to the dark ambiance of this adult version of the spider and the fly tale. The storyline kept my interest from beginning to the end for the interesting plot and the naughty sex. I look forward to reading future stories from this author."

Reviewed by: Tallyn 4 Angels Fallen Angel Reviews

Sample Chapter For COME SWEET CREATURE by Tilly Greene

Tilton Spidermach was pissed off. Once again, it was not even ten o’clock in the morning and he was physically in utter agony. If he had to suffer through another moment sporting the most persistent hard-on in recent memory, then someone was going to pay and it might as well be the saucy little bird sitting so primly before him.

After all, his present condition was entirely her fault.

TS Properties, headquartered in Manhattan with satellite offices in a few key countries, was the throne for the admired and adored billionaire playboy. He worked hard and played harder, indulging his most wicked whims along the way.

Power, intelligence, and confidence, Spider’s entire existence screamed out that he had all three qualities in abundance and knew how to use them to get what he wanted. Within the business world, his reputation was highly respected, he was considered always honest and was also slightly feared because failure was not acceptable.

His private life was an entirely different matter. In regards to his social life, the man was shamelessly hedonistic and being single, it insulted a few and inspired more. He liked his sex raw and raunchy and saw nothing wrong with that.

At over six feet, he was a tall drink of gorgeousness. A well-toned, broad shouldered, slim-hipped, long legged man who, when he entered a room, both men and women took note. Silky soft, slightly curly, and somewhat long mink brown hair contrasted with piercing green eyes. The intense eyes seemed out of place with the full easy smile he normally wore.

However, this was not one of his normal days because today, the head of his public relations department was once again sitting elegantly before his desk making his cock rock hard by merely existing in his presence.

The beautiful and delicate lady before him was Ms. Jena Flyno, well-mannered, always proper, tidy, and once again, politely reading him the riot act. Without meeting his gaze and with a fine flush riding high on her cheeks, she asked if there were any other videos she should know about, citing that nothing should detract from the annual children’s charity ball just two weeks away.

All this fuss because the previous evening’s six-thirty national news broadcast revealed a previously unknown video of him having no holds barred anal sex with a beautifully voluptuous porn queen. Spider had not even known the woman had had a camera set up that night. Normally, this would not have bothered him. Today, however, with this woman sitting before him, it did.

What surprised him most about the entire situation was the woman not attempting to sell the tape to him before releasing it in such a reckless manner. There was no way she was going to be paid for her efforts now.

“I did not know this one existed so it is entirely possible there are more out there.”

“Oh. Well we will deal with them if they come forward, so let us move ahead with this one. I have a call into legal to see about our options of being able to put an immediate injunction…”

It had been almost five months since he had last spoken with the porn queen, much less had sex with her, or any other woman for that matter. No, five months ago he had hired this delightful creature sitting across from him. From the moment he had set eyes on her, his cock had been looking to rut in her and substitutes were not acceptable.

Now it was all a moot point. As of this moment, his hard fought patience was officially at an end. The line of not bringing his sex life to the office had been messed with. Both mind and body were on the same page, and neither was willing to deny his libido’s call to be fed.

Right now, he needed to do work on his plan to entice this beautiful creature to his home, up the winding staircase and into his playroom for some quality time spent together.

A deep, dark desire rested within him, a need to give her a real reason to blush when he showed her all his wonderfully curious toys. Subtly, his hand moved to his lap, resting on his hardening cock. He contemplated which item to use on her first in their sensual dance toward fulfillment. The visions were delicious and an ever-growing desire brought him abruptly out of his daydream.

“…I respectfully request that you refrain from making any personal statements to the press regarding the—”

“Have you seen the tape, Jena?” Spider asked softly. He knew it was rude to interrupt her, however, he wanted to start rocking her world. Maybe a slow thaw was in order before properly heating Ms. Prim and Proper up, he thought as he started laying out his web.

“Yes, sir.” The stain of her discomfort deepened on her cheeks, though it appeared that no amount of inner strength could raise her eyes higher than the front of his desk.

“From start to finish?” Her unease was obvious, adding more speed to his already racing heartbeat.

“Yes, sir.”

Always dressed conservatively, each button firmly closed, every bit of skin covered with her favored prim skirts. Sure it was unintentional, but they were still very seductive in more ways than how they gracefully skimmed her figure from waist to ankles. The surprise shocker was her ever-present pair of fuck-me heels. What he wouldn’t give to see her with her arms stretched above her head, naked and precariously perched on her shoe-encased toes, pleading for him to take her.

Soon, very soon.

Spider knew seducing Ms. Jena was not going to be a hardship, she was a wet dream come true. Intelligent and quick witted were traits she possessed that he admired, but his lust was presently more inspired by the physical attributes she had been blessed with on the whim of DNA.

A petite white blonde, she was all big breasts, which he believed real by the way they jiggled, and luscious soft curved hips. He just knew she would have one of those soft succulent bodies that had been made for fucking. The strain his body had existed under for the past few months was dire, but having the sweet creature swishing this way and that before his very eyes on a daily basis had made it entirely unbearable.

With an unholy gleam in his eye and a wicked smile crossing his lips, he continued.

“Have you ever fucked before a camera, Jena?”


“A mirror? So you can see how beautiful you look as you climax.”

Her face bloomed like a freshly opened rose and eyes of beautiful deep purple blinked widely at him. With an obvious gesture, he glanced at his watch and then subtly laid more strands to his trap.

“Come to my home for dinner this evening, Jena, and we can discuss the video debacle further.”

“Sir, I must respectfully decline your invitation.”



“I will have only honesty and trust between us, Jena.”

“Yes, sir. Well, see…ummm, I know things…winding staircase…”

“Ahhh, I see. So you have heard about my special playroom. Interested in a personal tour? I also have a fantastic bed with curtains to pull closed encasing everything in a cozy space. I have fine, soft sheets you can rest upon and a multitude of plump pillows to surround yourself with. I’ll even tuck you in all snugly like…”


“I was offering you dinner, Jena, and a comfortable bed if you grew weary after a late meeting. A moment of calm in what I am sure will be a day filled with stress. I have a great affection for you. I greatly appreciate your hard work and hate the extra pressure I have unintentionally sent your way.”

* * * *

Oh, he was a wicked man. Tilton Spidermach knew his hunk appeal was hard for anyone to deny and up until this morning when she had witnessed the video firsthand, Jena had had the upper hand. Now she was like any other person, scrambling to hold it all together in the face of temptation.

There was no place for a personal life at the office. Her impeccable reputation had been earned and she diligently maintained it with hard rules that could not be broken in order for her to succeed. In a business meant to inform the masses of what her employer wanted them to know, her objectivity had never been so difficult to hold as it was at this moment. The tenacity it took to keep from falling into his hands was a struggle she was not sure she could win, nor wanted to.

Deep within her soul, she was angered by the invasion into this man’s private life. Jena had known her employer was comfortable and open about his sex life, and there was no shame there. Unless someone experiences the full thrust of his amorous attentions, of which she had vicariously sampled this morning, the far-reaching results of such freedom could not be fully appreciated by most people.

Secretly, she has been envious of all the women that paraded through his life, each of them beautiful and, she had surmised, well taken care of sexually, as well as in any other way he desired. This morning, she had witnessed exactly how satisfied his woman of the moment must feel. Her damp panties were a testament to how difficult her day really was going to be.

Something between Spider and herself had changed and she was not entirely sure it was all on her side either. He had always spoken to her in friendly terms, flirted too, but never outright propositioned her…or had he? Like a few moments earlier, there had been incidents when she could swear he had been inviting her into his bed. Then he would step back and act like she misunderstood the request. His justifications were just that, mere phrases used to confuse and pacify her at the time. Either way, if he was or was not looking to seduce her, she still felt uneasy about the vein in which they were currently heading. No, it was time for her to escape his trap and regroup her defenses.

Honest to a fault, Jena consciously admitted to having ignored herself lately, both mentally and physically. She had thrown everything she was into a new position and had made the post hers. But now she was springing leaks in her outer protective shell, it was time to pay closer attention to her needs; otherwise, her internal balance might become damaged or lost.

The inherent fear currently niggling at her conscience was if Spider ever found out just how much they had in common, he would have her dangling from the rafters in his playroom before she could say “take me”. No, it was definitely past time for a much-needed visit to the private club Bliss for some sexual relief. It had obviously been too long since she had put herself out there for fun and satisfaction.

With determination at her back, she set about extricating herself from the trap her boss had deftly laid for her.

“I am sorry for having misunderstood your suggestion, sir. There is no excuse to be given but I must decline the offer all the same. I will ensure that you are kept apprised of our progress but the game plan will be the same as how we worked in regards to the nude sunbathing photos and the starlet who felt ignored.”

“You make me sound like a Lothario.”

She found it difficult not to smirk at his disgruntlement. The shoe fit, and while not for her to either confirm nor deny, it presented a perfect diversion of his attention away from her. Standing, and readying herself for a quick escape, she chose to ignore his comment and the traps it would lead to and gave him the excuse he had used on her earlier.

“Apologies for this rudeness but I have a meeting with one of the major networks in a few moments and the other three in quick progression after that.”

“Jena?” He waited until she turned at the door to face him directly before he continued.

“I am putting you on notice—remember to save your energy because I will be escorting you to the ball and no excuses will be accepted.”

“Yes, sir.”

Darn it! She had hoped a new flame would come on the scene and take her place but it appeared that was not going to be the case. No point in worrying about it now, anything could happen in ten days’ time.

Making quick work of her orchestrated but polite retreat, she made her way to her office to work on making this latest scandal go away. There were times when she felt like she worried more about his reputation than he did, but then again, that was her job.