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Reviews For SLEEPING WITH GRETA by Monica M. Martin

Poor Princess Greta has been cast under a spell, now ugliness is her jail. To slumber away, with hopes of some day, a man awakens her - by getting paid! Because that's the only way they will touch her! Prince Alexander is in a financial bind, of his own making. He has a big gambling problem. The only way he can come up with the gold to pay back his debt to Rafe is to wake up the sleeping Princess Greta. This all seems so easy, but wait, there is more. The spell that was cast on Princess Greta has made her horribly ugly, to the point that no one will touch her. To get the gold, Prince Alexander will have to do more than touch her; he will have to have sex with her. Now, this story truly gets interesting!

This is one of the most different fairy tales this reader has ever read. Ms. Martin has a wild and naughty imagination, which shines through until the very end of the story.

This is one twisted fairy tale, with a totally adult theme. If you love different stories with explicit sex, then you will want to pick up your copy of Sleeping With Greta by author Monica M. Martin today.

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Reviewer: Janalee~ The Romance Studio

Rating **** Excellent

The storyline is interesting, unusual, and has intrigue. The characters are interesting, the Prince and Princess likeable while Rafe is the muscled bully with magical powers, the witches are evil and nice, sprinkled in are wizards and genies, and there is of course hot sex sprinkled with amusement. Ms Martin has written an adult fairy tale that you will enjoy. It is a quick read but packed with information that creates a whole new world.

Reviewer: Rick @

"Ms. Monica M. Martin has written a sexy tour of the bedrooms of Erotica. The Hero appears as a good fellow with good intentions, making him likable. The heroine endears herself to the reader with her plight, until her true colors show through. The ending is quite a Torrid, Twisted Tale and it caught me by surprise. The storyline is believable for the genre and the pacing is leisurely, befitting this tale. This is a keeper."

Katherine L. Hunt
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About new Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

"Sleeping with Greta is a short fairy tale with an erotic twist or two. Greta offers readers two difficult and unique characters: a beautiful, mean-spirited woman and a hideous woman with a loveable personality. Alex is a prince who does not like to live by his father’s expectation and has gotten himself in trouble. The secondary characters offer readers a chance to really like Alex and understand why he would take the task of breaking a spell. This story is riddled with erotic passion and chemistry and does not know the bounds of just being with one partner or remaining with the same partner throughout the entire tale. Monica M. Martin has done a nice job at taking a fairy tale, adding an erotic plot to it, and then when the reader thinks the story has concluded, she throws in one heck of a surprise. 4 Angels!"

Fallen Angels Review ~Reviewed by: Shayley

Sample Chapter For SLEEPING WITH GRETA by Monica M. Martin

The Spell

Once upon a time, in a kingdom called Erotica, there lived highly sensual beings who dedicated their leisure time to giving and receiving pleasure. From the lowliest peasant to the most exalted of the royal family, each being knew how to sexually gratify their partner or partners. Beings from neighboring kingdoms flocked to Erotica in droves and married the natives.

Princesses Lucia and Jenna hailed from the kingdom of Enchantra, the land of magic and dreams; both married the ruler of Erotica, Leopold. Princess Lucia was a powerful witch. King Leopold fell in love with her, married her, and she remained his only wife for one hundred and sixty-four years. When it was realized she couldn’t produce a much-needed heir, the king married Princess Jenna, with whom he promptly fell in lust. She bore him a daughter, Princess Greta, and he guarded her well.

As reward, Jenna wanted King Leopold to make her his main consort, but he refused. Disillusioned, she left after barely two years of marriage, finding love in the arms of a warlock from a dark kingdom far beyond called Obsidian. She left her daughter behind and Lucia reared her.

King Leopold died, bequeathing the kingdom of Erotica to Princess Greta when she came of age and married. Upon this day, Lucia would have the choice to stay, living on Greta’s goodwill, or she could return to the kingdom of Enchantra with ten thousand gold pieces, her compensation for one hundred eighty-seven years of service.

Greta grew into an exquisite beauty and was the envy of princesses in many kingdoms. Being tall with an hourglass figure, she had glittering emerald-green eyes, high cheekbones, a retroussé nose and a rosebud mouth, all set in an oval-shaped face, covered with flawless peaches and cream skin and framed by silky black curls.

Upon Greta’s twenty-first birthday, the kingdom of Erotica celebrated. The late king’s sister, Princess Joanna, invited every eligible male from kingdoms near and far, hoping to snag the perfect husband for her niece.

Noble beings gathered and the ball got off to a highly erotic beginning. Princess Greta tried out many adoring suitors, endeavoring to find the perfect husband. Before the celebrations ended, she planned to sit upon the throne as sole ruler, her husband as consort, in spite of her late father’s wishes... She also made her plans apparent to her stepmother.

Lucia had not intended to return to the kingdom of Enchantra and feared for her position in Erotica. She cast a spell on Greta, making her grotesquely ugly so no man would marry her, and as a precaution, put the princess, and most of the palace’s occupants, to sleep. She dared any worthy prince to kiss the princess into wakefulness, marry her, and live with her grotesqueness for the next nine hundred odd years. Since most of the guests slept, and the other available princes lived in kingdoms far beyond, she was confident no one would bother. She then took what she considered her rightful place as queen of Erotica.

Pitying Princess Greta, her aunt Joanna cast a counter spell, making Greta the opposite of what she was before the curse, and although she was just as grotesque, her personality was more endearing. Any male who awakened her with his kiss, bonked her three times and made her beautiful, would receive five thousand pieces of gold after he’d also slain Lucia and completed this task.

To break the spell, Greta’s rescuer would have to adhere to the rules: He would be required to have sex with her the way she desired it upon the first night of her awakening. The second occasion of intercourse would have to take place after she professed to like him. For the third time, he had to reciprocate her feelings and like her, thereby breaking the spell. After that, he would have the right to marry her...

With a protective spell cast over her, Greta slept peacefully, awaiting her valiant rescuer to awaken her with his kiss and more…

However, Greta has a secret, far more astounding than anyone could ever imagine, and those who were privy to it were no longer alive to speak of it...