Copyright 2006, Cheri Valmont
Published by Whiskey Creek Press LLC

Reviews For CAJUN EROTICA Book 1: SWEET SUMMER RAIN by Cheri Valmont

"This is an excellent story, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you enthusiastic. Fascinating characters with plenty of depth and history, past secrets and hurts fill this romance as page by page you are immersed in the lives of Nicole and Jonas. There is also plenty of sizzling sex scenes that will singe your fingers and steam your glasses. This is a fascinating story you will not want to miss." Reviewed by Wateena from Coffee Time Romance Review. Rating: 4 cups.

"SWEET SUMMER RAIN is a heart searching tale of the two young souls Nikki and Jonas who must sacrifice everything because of her dominating father."

Briana Burress Romance Junkies

Blue Ribbon Rating 4.5

"In this story the rich not only get bored they get twisted in their own schemes. The romance is filled with passion and the break up situation isn't one a girl could forget or forgive unless a total life altering disaster strikes, as it does in this unusual story filled with BDSM situations. The storyline is interesting, the flow is smooth, and the sexual situations hot, with male female, male, male situations. If you like a little love tap or roughness in the sexual situations you read you are going to love this book. While there is spanking and so forth, the situations are not harsh enough to be offensive to the general BDSM reader. Ms. Valmont has written an original stimulating erotic romance with a surprise ending that even Sherlock Holmes would never guess. Enjoy."

May Holley ****Excellent

"I was thoroughly engrossed in Ms. Valmont tale. Jonas is deliciously presented. I wanted to bring his shirtless self to life, so I could climb all over him. Yet, I was not jealous of Nikki. She deserved a true shot with Jonas. Her character is sweet, but not to the point where you want to throw up. Yet, she shows strength when it is time for it. Ida Mae Matte is the perfect villain. I hated her from the start, just as any self-respecting person should. She is obnoxious, calculating, and most of all, cruel....."

Suni Farrar

Just Erotic Romance Review 4 Stars

Heat Level: H

"SWEET SUMMER RAIN by Ms. Valmont has to be one of the most arousing eroticas that this reviewer has ever had the pleasure of reading. The heat in the sex scenes is simply amazing. This reader actually felt as if she was there experiencing some of the pleasures that Ms. Valmont describes so wonderfully! Ms. Valmont has a true gift of descriptions; be they of places, people or emotions. This gift allows the reader to truly step into the story as though stepping through a doorway. The characters are really strong and seem to interact with both reader and the other characters in the book. Be it love, lust, distain or hatred, every character will draw emotions out of the reader. "

Reviewed by Shaiha

"Sweet Summer Rain is an erotic story of true love. Nikki and Jonas are characters that find something in one another that is tender and breathtaking. The plot is riddled with twists and turns as well as a couple of surprises that readers won’t see coming until they experience the shock right along side of Nikki and Jonas. In addition to the surprises, there are some hidden agendas mixed within the intensely erotic passion. The chemistry between Nikki and Jonas is as beautiful and heartfelt as it is explosively hot. Cheri Valmont has earned herself 4 Angels for this wonderfully written tale!"

Reviewed by: Shayley 4 Angels Fallen Angel Reviews

Sweet Summer Rain includes a plethora of emotions. The heartbreak between Nikki and Jonas will touch you. As will the wild sexual ride they both endure to find one another once again is amazing. Ms. Valmont uses exceptional imagery and will pull you into each scene created. Reader beware Sweet Summer Rain includes BDSM, but each encounter builds on the storyline. I found the plot interesting and the characters addictive.

Reviewer: Klarissa, Joyfully Reviewed

Sample Chapter For CAJUN EROTICA Book 1: SWEET SUMMER RAIN by Cheri Valmont

No more high school.


Today was the first official day of summer.

Jonas Horville’s back muscles screamed as he mucked out another one of the stalls in the old barn. He’d already milked all the cows and taken them out to graze. Once he cleaned the barn, he’d be sent to fix fences and do the other odd jobs that would keep him busy for the rest of the summer.

The blistering South Louisiana sun had been high in the heavens when he’d returned from taking the cows out to pasture. Now the air was sticky and humid, which hinted at a storm brewing. This didn’t surprise Jonas, since it was coming into hurricane season. The steamy bayou country weather was predictable. More predictable than its people.

The Cajun inhabitants of South Louisiana were known as much for their hot-blooded passions as for their love of life, music, food, and good times in general. ‘Joie de vie’, Joy of Life, it was a code the people lived by. Their ancestors escaped persecution in Nova Scotia, Canada, for being not only French—but also Catholic. Finding their way to the almost tropical climes of South Louisiana, the Cajuns learned to make a living from the prairies and swamps of the area. They used farming, shrimping, hunting and fishing to provide a living for their families.

It was a way of life Jonas relished. No matter how many places he went in his life, he knew this would always be home. The hospitality of the everyday Cajun folk was legendary. If a person was a friend, they were family.

Although it was hard to have only two family members in a place where large families were the norm rather than the exception, Jonas and his mother, Fleur, made the most of their lives here.

Then there was Nikki.

Smiling as he steadily continued his work, Jonas was surprised Nikki wasn’t there bothering him. If she hadn’t shown up by the end of his day, he would linger just to talk to her.

Nicole Dugas was his boss’ daughter and Jonas’ best friend, the one person in this world, besides his mother, he could bare his soul to and not worry about being betrayed. It was a touchy situation, though. Benjamin Dugas liked Jonas as a worker well enough, because he always worked his tail end off, but as a friend for the man’s only daughter, well, that was another story altogether.

Jonas needed this job—desperately. He needed to save enough money for the Vo-Tech he would be attending come fall. His mom also depended on him to help with the bills. Since his father deserted them when Jonas was only three, he’d grown up fast. The only income they’d had until Jonas was old enough to work, was his mother’s income as a cashier at Mire’s Grocery, Harrisburg’s one and only convenience store, and her other job bartending at Te Cher’s, the local bar.

“Hey, Big Boy, what’s up?”

Jonas’ head swiveled quickly, taking in the sight of Nikki through the spaced slats of the stall. In snug-fitting jeans and a tight white T-shirt with the words ‘Who’s your Momma’ emblazoned across the front in vivid red, she was hanging over the stall wall grinning at him.

My God, when had she become so hot? Even hot and sticky as he was, Jonas felt his rod pulse. He would love to pull her up over the stall wall so he could see if she would act as hot as she looked. Damn him! Jonas tried to get his mind off the enticing, big-breasted girl who, until recently, he thought of only as his best friend.

Well, that was a lie, actually.

A man of few words, he turned back to continue pitching new straw from the pile in the corner. “The usual,” Jonas muttered.

He tried desperately to think of something else, but, although he turned away from her, the picture of her large nipples thrusting out under her snug T-shirt remained imprinted on his brain.

When the hell had she started looking like that?

He’d better watch it. If he wanted to keep this job, Nikki was hands off.

“Need some help?” Nikki offered, jumping down from her position on the top board of the stall.

Jonas turned his head again to decline her offer, looking just in time to see her breasts bouncing enticingly as she jumped down from the top rung of the stall.

Didn’t the damn girl wear a bra?

Jonas berated himself; because the only thing he could think of right now was throwing her down onto the fresh straw and dragging her damn T-shirt up so he could suck on those luscious tits.

Damn it to hell, she’d just turned eighteen! Barely legal!

Even if his job didn’t depend on his staying away from the girl, his conscience should stop him. Right now though, his dick had a mind of its own, and even through the material of his briefs, he could feel the metal teeth of his fly biting into his straining flesh.

“Nah, that’s all right, Nik. I’ve still got the fences to see to,” Jonas assured her, not wanting to turn fully toward her and reveal his raging hard-on.

But in usual Nikki fashion, no was just another reason for her to persist.

“Come on, Jonas, let me help.” Nikki reached for his pitchfork before he could stop her.

When he jerked the tool back quickly, however, he jerked Nikki up against him as well. Jonas wanted to groan out loud when he felt her soft tits pressing against his chest. Fucking hell! He tried to jerk back from her, but knew it was too late to keep her from feeling his rock hard dick.

Her eyes flared wide.

“Sorry,” Jonas offered lamely before turning to stab his pitchfork into the fresh hay again and continue with his work. Jonas hoped Nikki would not pursue what she’d just felt. He should have known better. Nikki wasn’t the kind of girl to let something like that drop.

“I didn’t know you cared so much,” Nikki teased, easing between him and his pitchfork, forcing him to look down at her, which he did reluctantly.

“Can it, Nik, I’ve got work to do. I don’t have time to fuck around. Your dad’ll get pissed.” Jonas frowned down at her, but couldn’t help taking in the sight of her delicious curves and the rest of her delectable self. Her mane of long sable hair was pulled up in her usual ponytail. He felt the urge to pull it out of the rubber band. Looking at the faint hint of a tan on the creamy skin of her oval-shaped face and high cheekbones, made Jonas yearn to touch her. Her wide, generous mouth just begged for a kiss.

He really had to stop these thoughts or he’d be diving headlong into trouble.

“Remember what they say, ‘All work and no play...’” Nikki quoted, and then to Jonas’s horror—but secret delight—Nikki brushed the palm of her hand against his heavy hard-on. The sensation making him want to jump out of his skin.

Jonas couldn’t believe this was happening. Yesterday, they were best friends and now, she seemed determined to change things. What the hell had happened between yesterday and today?

His internal questions came to an abrupt halt when Nikki pushed the pitchfork out of his hands and let it drop to the floor. When she began to pull him by the hand, Jonas resisted. Nikki’s dad would kill him if he let anything happen with her, but what Nikki did next had all thoughts of Benjamin Dugas flying out of his head.

Since Jonas seemed intent on resisting her, Nikki pulled one of his hands to place his palm directly on one of her engorged nipples, and pressed herself into his hand. He watched in fascination as she rubbed herself into his hand, a look of pure ecstasy on her face. Her eyelids fluttered closed and her tongue circled her lips leaving a wet shine behind. Jonas thought he might come where he stood.

But this wasn’t all the delightful Nikki had in store for him.

Jonas wanted to say something like, ‘Nikki, this has gotta stop,’ but his mouth was as dry as a dirt barnyard and he was so hot and bothered, he wanted to see how far she was prepared to go.

To his complete and utter amazement, what she did next floored him. He watched closely as she put both hands under the bottom edge of her ‘Who’s your Momma’ T-shirt and pulled it up over her head, leaving Jonas to watch her bountiful breasts bounce as the hem flicked her nipples when she pulled the shirt off.

“Nik, stop...” Jonas warned, putting his hand out to stop her, but she was too quick for him, and had thrown the practically transparent, sweat-dampened T-shirt down onto the fresh straw.

Nikki smiled wickedly as she took his outstretched hand and placed her warm, naked tit into it. Good lord, this couldn’t be happening.

Jonas made one last grasp at sanity, trying to pull his hand away from her enticing flesh. “Nikki, this is crazy.”

“Why?” She looked at him, her hungry gaze devouring his naked torso, as Jonas had long since thrown off his hot T-shirt. She pressed her own hand against the muscles rippling on his chest. His cock pulsed again as he felt her eager touch exploring his responsive flesh.

“Your dad’s gonna kill us,” Jonas tried once more, but she just smiled that sexy smile and grabbed his other hand to press it to her other breast.

“He’s gone to town,” she supplied, as if the fact made everything fine.

Jonas couldn’t think anymore. She rubbed her breasts into his hard, work-roughened hands, gasping when one of his calluses scraped across her distended nipple. She set to unfastening his jeans.

One last rational thought came through before she pulled his jeans down past his hips. “Are you sure?”

Nikki licked her lips. “Oh, yes, absolutely sure.”

Once Nikki had his jeans down around his ankles—to Jonas’s utter amazement—she knelt down before him until her face was close to his straining erection. As soon as she pulled his briefs down to let his rod escape, Jonas groaned as he felt her hot breath bathing his pulsing flesh. He watched Nikki’s fascination with his swollen member through hooded eyes. He saw her lick her lips before she tentatively touched the tip of his penis with the tip of her tongue, circling the head of it until she felt confidant enough to take him into her mouth.

Jonas knew they needed to take it slow, but he felt the most incredible urge to fuck her fiery mouth. After she gave him some head, she increased the intensity. Nikki let his rod slip out of her mouth and stood before him. He could feel her watching him closely as she reached to unzip her own jeans, and watch her he did—intently. She pulled the tight jeans down first, stepping out of them, which left her in a skimpy black thong. Jonas swallowed hard and hurriedly dispensed with the rest of his clothing. He could feel Nikki’s hungry gaze devouring his naked body. Nikki put both hands onto his broad shoulders and pushed downward, showing him without words what she wanted from him.

Jonas was more than happy to supply whatever she needed.

He thought Nikki was still a virgin but he realized, jealously, he wouldn’t be her first.

Maybe that should make him feel better about having sex with her.

Pushing the thought aside, Jonas caught the edge of her silky thong between his teeth, causing Nikki to suck her breath in sharply. He pulled it down slowly, watching her expression. She smiled down at him, but only he would’ve noticed the hint of uncertainty lurking behind her smile. Her panties were down over her thighs at this point, so he let them slip from between his teeth.

A crack of lightening made the two of them jump guiltily. The storm had finally come. Raindrops peppered the tin roof of the old barn. Had she changed her mind, after all?

Jonas had both knees bent to the floor as he knelt before her. If she changed her mind, he knew he would never force her to do anything she was unwilling to do, so he attempted to stand. Nikki must have realized what his intentions were because she placed both hands on his shoulders, holding him down. “No,” she said as she read his expression.

He regarded her closely to make sure she wanted to continue. The next smile she gave him was purely sexual and enticed him to continue their sexy game. In fact, from that point, she seemed determined to be the aggressor. She pulled her silky panties down and stepped out of them. Once she was completely naked, Nikki bent over and reached for one of his hands. She stood upright again and placed his hand on her bush, her eyes speaking volumes as she encouraged him to touch her.

Jonas needed no prodding. He let one finger push upward through her tightly furled curls into her hot, wet pussy.

Christ was she wet!

Nikki moaned and closed her eyes as she pushed downward onto his finger. Not only was she slick, but tight, too. Jonas’ groin throbbed. He had to hold himself back before he begged her to ride him. He decided to see how two fingers felt inside her, causing her to moan louder.

Jonas wanted to give Nikki pleasure beyond anything she’d known, so while she rode his fingers with an uncontrolled jerking motion, he allowed his free hand to reach up and squeeze one of her plump tits, rolling her nipple between his finger and thumb. She screamed out as she continued to ride his fingers, pushing his other hand roughly around her breasts, silently encouraging him to increase his pressure.

Jonas pinched her nipples with more force. Nikki’s moan turned into a low, guttural groan. He knew he couldn’t take much more, but he wanted to taste her. He pulled her toward him, leaving his two fingers inside her silky, wet cleft and bringing his other hand back down to expose her clit to his searching tongue.

Jonas heard Nikki gasp loudly as the tip of his tongue licked and stabbed at her clit. She panted heavily, pushing herself down onto his fingers and against his mouth at the same time. He felt the inside walls of her pussy clamping around his fingers as she came for the first time, moaning and groaning louder and louder as her spasms raged on.

He thought he was going to burst before he could get inside her, but Nikki pushed him off balance and back onto the fresh straw. Jonas’s erection was hard, heavy, and pointing straight up at her. To his intense relief, it appeared she wanted to do the work. She straddled his hips and placed the tip of his dick at the slick opening to her pussy.

She tried to ease herself onto his rod but seemed to be having some difficulty. Jonas’s eyes shot open as he realized the problem.

Damn it to hell!

She was a virgin!

Despite her wetness, her muscles refused to give now that his cock, much larger than his fingers had been, had taken its place within her.


“Stop!” he yelled, but it was too late.

Even as he’d shouted the words, Nikki slammed herself down onto his large dick, yelling herself as the obvious pain ripped through her. Large tears ran out from between tightly clenched eyelids. Jonas wished he could stop now, but even as the thought struck him, his member pulsed inside her. The sight of her lush bush impaled by his pole had him ready to burst.

They both remained still for a minute. Before Jonas could take the reins and continue, Nikki’s body moved slowly, instinct taking over. Biting her lip, her pace picked up. Finally, to Jonas’ intense relief, she looked down at him, smiled her slow, sensual smile, and reached down to bring both his hands up to squeeze her peaked nipples.

As Jonas did her bidding and roughly kneaded her, Nikki began to pull halfway up the length of his rod, slamming back down onto him.

Sweet lord, this was heaven.

Jonas joined Nikki, meeting her halfway. He thrust into her as she slammed onto him. When she decided to give like for like and began pinching his nipples as hard as he was pinching hers, Jonas felt the pressure building. When he felt her climax contracting around his swollen dick, his cum burst from him as if from an explosion.