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Reviews For TORRID TEASERS Volume 15 by Tilly Greene

"...each unique in characters and theme...Tilly Greene pens a delicious duo of sexy tales that will keep you coming back for more! " Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

"…very hot BDSM [and] alternative lifestyles [tales]. The alert reader will be certain to acquire an ice bucket before picking up this volume." Annie, EuroReviews

"Ms. Greene gives readers two enchanting stories, both told with a large amount of wit and style. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a nice hot read to while away many pleasurable reading hours." Susan White, Coffee Time Romance

"..each unique in characters and theme...Tilly Greene pens a delicious duo of sexy tales that will keep you coming back for more!" Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Ms. Greene gives readers two enchanting stories, both told with a large amount of wit and style. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a nice hot read to while away many pleasurable reading hours." Susan White, Coffee Time Romance

"Tilly Greene's newest literary offering will have you viewing The World on a much smaller scale - a series of exclusive manmade islands built to resemble the continents…imagine the possibilities." Chrissy, Romance Junkies

Sample Chapter For TORRID TEASERS Volume 15 by Tilly Greene

International Herald Times
Russian Billionaire Released Into Exile

Vasiliy Beketov, Russian billionaire businessman detained for more than three years, has been released. Leading French lawyer Etienne Girard has been pleading his client’s case of ill treatment at the hands of the Russian government to many influential groups looking for their support.

After encouraging EU lawyers at The Hague to look into the case, the rabid civil rights advocate, quickly secured their backing before moving over to the United Nations to gain their support as well.

Pressure against the Russians has exponentially built over the past fourteen months leading to a plea agreement agreeable to both parties. Vasiliy Beketov is to divest all current holdings within the motherland’s borders, be them majority or less than a one millionth of a percent, his name is to be removed and the billionaire must leave the country for good—exile. In return, the accused will admit to a lesser charge and time served for fraud and the harsher claim of treason will be dropped.

When asked for comment on future plans for Beketov, Girard would only state that his client would be leaving Moscow’s notorious Matrosskaya Tishina prison for home.

Five Months Later on a Flight to the United Arab Emirates

Zura Girard sat in sumptuous first class as she made her way to Dubai to meet a man she had never seen in person, but felt she knew well and on a deep level. Up to this point, their relationship had been derived from email communications and occasional phone calls.

He was reputed to be a ruthless businessman, an expected moniker for a successful
man in a country new to capitalism. However, the unflattering terms applied to him in the media did not match the gentleman she had been working with.

To own a private island was a dream for all, but only a small percentage of society had the means to make such a purchase. A showcase for modern technology had been built in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai. Named The World, the set of three hundred manmade islands had been constructed to resemble all the continents. Anyone who could afford to buy one, could own the country of their choosing.

Before problems with his government had gained momentum, the purchase for one of The World’s islands at over fifteen acres had been made and an opulent estate home built. In one of their earlier discussions, her client had let it be known that he was no longer comfortable in the massive structure. A desire had been expressed for something with a more personal feeling to it, less confining, and as a person with the means could do, the building of another residence to fulfill these needs had been completed.

Excitement made sleep impossible. It was not just the thrill of traveling to a different country or the new job that kept her awake, although the challenges presented by a new commission were a large part of her eager anticipation. In this case, however, the blame for her heart racing, quick shallow breathing, and an occasionally wicked thought could be laid quite honestly before her new client, Vasiliy Beketov.

The images she had seen in the media had all shown him in a similar vein and Zura had found him intoxicating. He was a very handsome man. Strong featured, typically shown wearing dark business suits and his brown hair cut short and sharp, giving the appearance of all work and no play. Yet, she had found herself drawn to his intense, almost piercing, lighter than light blue eyes, surrounded by thick black eyelashes. They held his secrets and dreams, and she wished to know them all.

The scant few pictures she had seen of him had helped form quite an impression of the man she was to work for. In her dreams, she had added more details. He would be tan all over, hard and ripped, as her American friends would say, and in possession of a magnificent cock, always ready for her. His mind and soul had touched her as much, if not more, than his body tempted her libido. It had all happened so easily, she wondered if she had overlooked something serious.

Settling further into her seat, Zura recalled the first email she had received from her mysterious client. It had arrived about a month after his release from parts unknown. It had been short and succinct. Etienne Girard, her papa, had recommended he contact her regarding the decorating of a new residence.

The fact her father had recommended her had been interesting and unusual. Never before had he taken any real interest in her chosen career. She soon determined it had been her alternative lifestyle that had this interesting man querying her professional services.

Years back, Zura had confided in her parents her sexual preference. It had been a difficult conversation. However, with her father’s rising fame came the chance for enemies to try and ruin him. She would never give anyone opportunity to hurt her parents simply because of her need to be sexually submissive to some man.

It was not a subject discussed over dinners or holidays, nor did she introduce lovers to the couple; none had been serious enough to merit such a meeting. After queries concerning her health and safety during the sexual interludes, there had been the inevitable questions about marriage and children. She’d had no answer other than only love would make them possible for her.

After weeks of back and forth conversations with her reclusive client, certain personal details began to trickle out, signaling amongst other things, sexual preferences. A thrill had shot through her when she learned Vasya was a dominant. After the thrill, came the realization that now she knew why her father had recommended her—the great civil rights lawyer was trying his hand at matchmaking.

Their discussions had begun on a superficial level, feelings he derived from this color or that, what type of food he enjoyed, and so forth. It had not taken long before questions about how he viewed himself in his space had led down a path to his sexual choices. There had been no shame in his assertions. Vasya had merely stated his truth.

“I demand control of everything around me, everything that is mine. And, Zura, that means the woman in my life—in a sexual way.” He had been silent, she was sure, waiting for her to say something but she hadn’t, couldn’t. “If this makes you uncomfortable, then it would be best if we put a halt to the project now.” Vasya had left the ball in her court and there had been only one answer she could give to him.

“No, it does not make me uncomfortable. In fact, I find I am more qualified for this job than either one of us had thought.” She had said nothing further, waiting to see if he would take the subtle hint she had dropped.

“Ahhh, I see, yes it would seem on certain levels, we are perfectly suited.”

The questions had become progressively intimate, each revealing more than they had anticipated. After hanging up from that call, with her pussy crying for more from the man behind that voice, she completed his request to see samples of her work, by sending her portfolio electronically. Two days later, the special commission had been offered to Zura.

She signed a confidentiality agreement drawn up by her father, stating she would never, under any circumstances, reveal details of this commission. He was a private man and insisted absolutely nothing personal be made public. After all had been finalized, suddenly their relationship had felt different. She could not put her finger on what or why; it had just felt different.

His deep voice, quiet yet commanding, had resonated through her body, bringing shivers racing across her skin. What surprised her and caused more than a small niggle of worry, was how her pussy had begun to throb, needing to be filled, how her nipples had hardened to points of steel, wanting his touch. Never before had a voice brought such intense need to her body. Demands and erotic activities had, yes, but this was new. This man and his voice meant trouble, and yet it felt so right. Zura had no will to walk away before she tasted a little of what his voice had promised.

Over the following months, they had discussed the finer points of the job. Fiscal terms, small print, and his stipulation to provide for her transportation and accommodations while working for him were agreed upon. It was the latter that had allowed her to be settled in luxury whilst winging her way down to meet with him in person.

She kept reminding herself this was not a pleasure trip, but business. No matter how good he looked, how he turned her on, or how well he treated her, it would not be professional to cross that line.

Slipping off to dreamland, Zura could not help the little smile that graced her lips.

There you go, hold firm to that thought and maybe you won’t fall to your knees with your legs spread wide in your best submissive position and beg for him to take you the minute you meet the man.