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Reviews For TORRID TEASERS Volume 31 by Tilly Greene

Three Angels, Reviewed by Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

An Invitation to the World 2: China
"Jia Li, a woman bereft of family, is forcibly taken from Chinatown in San Francisco and tossed into a world of darkness. She’s bound, traveling on a plane to who knows where, and she’s scared out of her mind. When her captor and his reasons are revealed, can she come to grips with his motives and move on?

China is a short novella about reunions and the rebirth of a relationship. The shivery edge the kidnapping adds to this tale may appeal to those who enjoy a light bondage fetish, while the oh-so-hot sensuality of this piece will appeal to anyone with a pulse. Jia is shown that there is more to life than the usual grind of her joyless existence, and she is an enjoyable character.

An Invitation to the World 2: India
Sati Chaudari has a very good life – she’s got the love of a good man, Bodhi Burke, and her career as a renowned actress. On this most important of days, her wedding day, she moves into a new, uncharted phase of her life. After her guardian’s lifelong manipulation and the stress of keeping her marriage a secret, what will her future hold?

India is a tale of passion and the power of love. After an initial bit of an info-dump, this story progresses with wonderful characters and shows the battle Sati fights between her career and her love. She is a fragile character, but very likeable. Bodhi is a true alpha male, and a tad too overbearing for my tastes. While evocative and having a very picturesque quality to it, India is slightly jarring in its pacing.

An Invitation to the World 2: China & India is a pair of tales with definite cultural flavors chocked full of spicy sensuality. Author Tilly Greene pens take-me-away stories that readers will enjoy! Three Angels!"

Sample Chapter For TORRID TEASERS Volume 31 by Tilly Greene

She was on a flight from hell!

Time had no relevance for her. Days, hours, minutes no longer mattered. She was scared for her life.

Having her wrists cuffed to the armrests and her ankles to the legs of the seat didn’t help either. Gooseflesh flashed along her skin, the terror of her situation causing her to feel colder than she was.

Her breath shuddered from her chest in great gulps of air. She couldn’t stop hyperventilating, and it didn’t seem to matter that she was well on her way to passing out. Every pore in her body was reacting to her fear. She was shaking uncontrollably. The hood they’d covered her head with shut out all sense of sight, leaving her fear to feed upon itself. Her lips quivered pitifully, as her tears gathered strength for another deluge.

Jia Li was absolutely terrified. Reality slowly settled in, relentlessly squeezing her chest like a vise. One thing was for sure, this was really happening to her.

Trying to catch her breath, she forced herself to think back to how she’d ended up in this nightmare. Anything to take her mind off what was coming next.

The day had been a typical Monday afternoon in San Francisco. It was a beautiful warm summer’s day with the usual breeze chilling things down just enough for a light sweater to be necessary. She’d been running errands, the last one putting her in the heart of Chinatown during the busy lunch break. After having fought her way through throngs of tourists, she’d finished and had started to make her way back to her apartment when she was grabbed. In a flash, she’d been pulled back into a narrow alley.

A strong arm had wrapped around her waist and a hand pressed against her mouth, instantly silencing her. Jia faced the street and watched people passing by without so much as a glance to witness her mounting trouble. She dropped her bags and clawed at the hand covering her mouth. She tried to kick back at the man holding her but only managed to trip herself as he dragged her backwards.

Without anyone seeing them, they slipped through a door, and she was gone.
In a dark unknown place, she was pulled tightly against the tall, muscular man who continued to maintain her silence. Within his hold, another person in the room reached around and started to put a hood over her head. The terror she was feeling hit an even higher level.

She screamed through the hand over her mouth, but nobody who heard cared. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. She felt helpless, but still had fight in her and was determined to do anything to draw attention to the fact she was not there willingly. Stepping back, she nailed someone’s toes with her stiletto heel and took satisfaction in the grunt, but it was short-lived. Before the hood fully descended, throwing her into complete darkness, a cloth was pressed to her nose.

That was all she remembered until she came to on this flight to hell.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to settle the fear that rose up threatening to break her spirit as she remembered what had happened to her. Purposefully she turned her thoughts away from the nightmare and tried to figure out why she’d been kidnapped.

Why would any one want to take her?

She wasn’t from a wealthy family. Raised by her mother in Chinatown, her father had gone back to China when she was a toddler, and had never returned. It had not been easy for her mother, raising a daughter all on her own, but she’d managed.

After graduating from Berkley with a law degree, she’d found a position in the Public Defender’s Office. With her mother’s passing from cancer a few months ago, Jia had considered making changes in her life. Unfortunately, they would now be taken alone. Her last boyfriend, the one man she had seen herself settling down with, had dropped her cold. She was in her late twenties, her heart had been broken, and now after months had dragged by, neither her heart nor body had recovered.

She had no family to speak of, no money, only a clean apartment on the edge of Chinatown. There was nothing in her life worth kidnapping her for. The saddest thought of all was how there was no one to rescue her either. No one would notice her missing, much less report it to the authorities.

Once again, the tears started to spill down her cheeks, the difference being these were not from fear but in self-pity. Jia did not want to feel sorry for herself, it was a waste of time and energy. She had to figure out what was happening and find a way…a little scream slipped through her lips when the plane bounced and suddenly dropped, leaving her stomach behind.

Gripping the armrest hard, she bent forward, ready to brace herself for a crash. There was no way to hold back the scared whimpering sounds she made. Before her next breath was drawn, she was stunned to feel hands cover hers and a deep masculine voice come through the hood.

“Shhh, everything will be fine. You will not be hurt. There is some rough weather, but soon we’ll be beyond it.”

Those were the first words, albeit muffled through the hood, anyone had spoken to her since this horrible situation began. She found the voice deep, calm, comforting, and oddly familiar. Adrenaline raced through her body. This man would give her answers.

“Who are you? Why have I—”

“Shhh, all your questions will be answered soon, just please don’t be frightened.”

“There’s been a mistake—”

“No, Jia, there hasn’t been a mistake.”

The use of her name sent a chill down her spine. The finality of the situation left her cold.


“Don’t worry.”

The words seemed so simple and stupid. How could she possibly not worry when she’d been kidnapped, flown to who knows where and she wasn’t supposed to be troubled? How ridiculous! Then she felt rough fingertips trace along her clenched digits, obviously trying to ease the strain.

January in Chennai

“What a beautiful day. I can’t believe it’s deserted out here on the Theosophical Society’s grounds. It’s a national holiday and the city is bursting at the seams with people, but not out here. I’m happy we have it all to ourselves. It’s so peaceful sitting here beneath this big old banyan tree.”

The young couple had eyes only for each other as they prepared to take a major step in their lives together.

“Are you sure with what we’re about to do, Sati?”

“Oh yes, Bodhi, most definitely. I love you, belong with you and will have you as my husband.”

“My heart, you know your remaining family, your uncle and his clan, will no longer claim you as a Chaudhari.”

“I understand. Yes, I’m grateful they took me in when I was young, but there has never been any love or respect for me as a person. Up to this point, my uncle has dictated my life. It’s time for me to take control and make my own decisions. I’m responsible for choosing where I go for the rest of my years and it’s with you.” She reached over and stroked her fingertips across the masculine stubble decorating his cheek.

He was a strikingly handsome man, which made her a very lucky woman to possess his love.

As she defied convention by touching him in public, she thought about her life. She had worked very hard and the result had been her reputation as a beloved Bollywood starlet. It was only business, she understood that. Still, she’d been pleasantly surprised when her agent, Vasin Kalluri, told her how the name Sati Chaudhari on a marquee was sought after. It meant millions upon millions of rupees earned for those with their fingers in the pot.

There was often a downside to success and hers was being overworked. A while back, she’d been on a set, filming and the press had started to speculate about the cause of her apparent exhaustion. Not wanting to have anything negative associated with her or the film, Vasin had pushed for a break.

Thankfully, an opening for a spa weekend at the exclusive Raj Lake Palace floating on Lake Pichola in Udaipur had been found. She’d headed straight there, looking forward to the peace they offered in the beautiful setting. Unfortunately, once she had stepped into the lobby, a guest had recognized her and the restful weekend suddenly looked impossible. After having gained her autograph, he’d begun to make a nuisance of himself. It was in that moment of chaos that her future husband had stepped around the corner and into her life.

“Do you remember when we first met?” she asked, recalling every detail.

“How could I forget? You appeared so fragile in the lobby as that fan was trying to push in on you.”

“You stepped out from around the corner and took my breath away. So very handsome and, like a knight in shining armor, you escorted me away from the chaos and handled everything personally. You made me feel so special.”

She smiled with fond memories over that first weekend. It had been full of confidential meetings where they’d talked about their likes and dislikes, dreams of the future and the horrors of reality. By the end of her break, they’d made plans to meet up again, and then again. Eventually their secret rendezvous led to even more private interludes.

It would be fair for people to believe he was obnoxious, arrogant and snobbish, being born into a family of privilege, yet she’d never found him to be any of those things. In fact, he was the direct opposite.

Bodhi Burke was a confident and open-minded man who worked hard in the family hotel business and was determined to take the company around the world. With an Englishman and half-Indian woman for parents, he mainly took after his Anglo father. Very tall, physically fit and handsome, yet his mother’s genes were definitely in the mix with his silky soft, rich brown hair, golden skin and light hazel eyes.

Fixing her gaze to his, she thought how the surrounding thick, long black lashes would be the envy of many women. Suddenly, she felt nervous and Sati looked for assurances.

“Do you have doubts?”

“None.” There was no change in his direct gaze, nothing in his body language that showed any hesitation. He was as sure as she that their decision was the best one for them both. “Sati, my love, have I told you today what a beautiful bride you make?”

“Thank you, I like hearing you say it.”

Knowing what their plans were for this day, she’d dressed with great care. This was their day. For them both to be happy, they’d agreed to keep it private, just the two of them.